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22 January 2009

Only getting what you need

No-Charger GLOBAL - We wrote the other day about a new variant of the N79 that's shipping without a charger. The pilot scheme exploring the possibility of offering devices without chargers is kicking off across a number of online stores across Europe. The first device is the new black variant of the N79, which now comes with the option to have one without a charger. For each device sold without a charger, £4 is being donated to WWF.

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New videos, bulging batteries, and predictions

InfinityandbESPOO, Finland - I apologize for not getting back to my semi-regular list of interesting links out there. I know that you folks like getting connected to new stories and to find out what are the things that interest us here at Nokia Conversations. Nonetheless, we're still bookmarking and selecting favorites in the various services we use.

But today I decided to empty out my latest queue of links, so read on to be enlightened.

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Comes With Music foundations laid for rest of Europe


GLOBAL - Comes With Music burst into the world screaming to the tune of millions of songs with unlimited downloads to keep, and is now maturing from a mildly misunderstood infant to a mature all-you-can-devour music download service in the UK. With this in mind Nokia has been working to cement rock solid foundations for rolling out Comes With Music across Europe, announcing new pan-European licensing deals with Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and CELAS/EMI Music Publishing.

Read on for more info on the Comes With Music roll-out and to get the full lowdown on what the service is all about.

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21 January 2009

History of Nokia part 3: Grand Valse

Grand-Vals GLOBAL - The third best known musical trademark in the world is the Nokia Tune, just behind "Intel Inside" and the Harley Davidson engine sound. Sure, I knew it was popular, but I didn't realise it was that popular. The Nokia Tune is taken from a composition called "Grand Vals" which itself was compose by Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909) from Spain. There's a melody line which is repeated throughout the song, the end of which now forms the basis of the Nokia Tune.

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Nokia Image Space explores next gen photo sharing

Picture 18

TAMPERE, Finland - Nokia Image Space is one of the latest location based services in development at the Nokia Research Center - an intriguing project that's exploring the concept of contextual photo sharing with some smart new features including the ability to automatically filter photos of an area by season or time of day.

We've just uploaded a video of Image Space being demoed by the Nokia Research Center team in Tampere to our Nokia Conversations YouTube channel.

Head inside for more details on this new breed of photo sharing service from NRC, and to watch a clip of Nokia Image Space up and running.

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20 January 2009

History of Nokia part 2: Snake

Snake-Subsonic GLOBAL - Many's an hour I whiled away waiting for trains/planes/wife by dabbling into my Nokia's menu and enticing an ever growing pixelated reptile around a tiny screen. Ever since it was launched a little over 11 years ago on the Nokia 6110, Snake has been helping clock-watchers the world over.

Of course nowadays we have things like Creatures of the Deep to whilst away the hours, but that doesn't mean Snake doesn't still get a look in, for we have the all-new Snakes Subsonic available on N-Gage.

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Nokia Locate Sensor video and trials

Picture 16

HELSINKI, Finland - Nokia Locate Sensor has rapidly established itself as one of the most talked-about developments in the mobile realm. We've been lucky enough to get hold of a new video from the Nokia Research Center showcasing indoor positioning and Nokia Locate Sensor in action, as well as get info on the trials that are being currently being carried out.

Click through for more info on NRC's indoor positioning solution and to see it in the wild.

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19 January 2009

History of Nokia part one: Nokia firsts

Nokia-100 GLOBAL - So mobile broadband dongles are the big thing right now. Did you know Nokia had one back in 1997? A whole 11 years ago. Yessiree. Okay, it wasn't 3G capable (what was, then?), and it didn't fit into a USB slot (the first USB-equipped computer wouldn't launch for another year) but it did enable users to connect to the Internet from their not-very-portable, er, portable. That was a Nokia first, you see, and below you'll find a whole bunch more, like the first GSM car phone, the first WAP phone and the first phone with predictive text.
This week we'll be taking a walk through Nokia's archives and highlighting some of the things from the past that have helped shape the present and continue to help paint a picture of the future. Where possible, we've added a link to the device in question, so you can marvel in wonderment.

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Indoor positioning and more info on Nokia Locate Sensor


GLOBAL - Nokia Locate Sensor sparked a surge of worldwide interest, and indoor positioning obviously plays a vital role in the development of this hot concept.

Since we brought you word of the Nokia Research Center refreshing its website and more clearly connecting the dots between Nokia concepts and real-life products and services last week, NRC has released an interesting new paper on Location, Context and mobile services. Granted it's not super in-depth, nonetheless it does touch on some interesting aspects of NRC's plans in this crucial area of development, including a few much talked about projects including Nokia Point&Find, but also mentions lesser known developments such as the Nokoscope project (which we'll talk about in a separate post this week), and also offers more information on NRC's approach to indoor positioning, indirectly yet pertinently referring to Nokia Locate Sensor and the technology behind it.

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18 January 2009

Who is the guy in the blue shirt?

Picture 1-15ESPOO, Finland - We recently wrote a series of posts on the Nokia N79 Active, a bundle coming with a Nokia N79, Nokia Sportstracker, a Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor, an arm band, and a nice headset. As you might have noticed, our photographs and one of our videos had someone we didn't properly introduce, Mikko Rieger. Mikko was involved in the testing of the N79 Active bundle. He's a competitive runner (well, returning to competitive running), and we thought he was interesting enough to profile in an interview.*

So, without further ado, we'd like to share with you a video interview we made of Mikko, where we ask him about his running career, his project to get back to his personal best, and how he uses tech to help him train.

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16 January 2009

Nokia N79 on sale - no charger

Nokia-N79-Eco LONDON, England - Quietly dropping onto the UK Nokia online store comes this Nokia N79, sporting free Xpress-on smart covers, a free Ngage game, a £4 donation to WWF and.... no charger! We wrote about Nokia's plans to ship devices without chargers, therby allowing much smaller packaging, back in December at Nokia World and when Mike wrote about batteries the month before.

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Nokia N79 Active explained by Nokia man on the run

N79-Active-Run ESPOO, Finland - Since posting news of the Nokia N79 Active there's been a wave of positive reactions to this innovative new Nseries bundle across the web, encapsulated by your great questions and comments right here on Conversations. Since breaking the story on the N79 Active we caught up with Mikko Rieger, a competitive runner who works at Nokia, and filmed him talking us through the device and what he reckons makes it a compelling bundle for folk interested in keeping fit in a casual and enjoyable way.

Click through to watch our video interview with Mikko and to see more footage of the Nokia N79 Active in action.

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15 January 2009

Third party developers get boost

Qt-software ESPOO, Finland - Third party application developers got a boost today when Nokia announced a change to the way Qt is licensed. Qt Software (formerly Trolltech) creates and markets Qt, a development platform that enables developers to create apps across mobile and desktop, making multiple deployments easier and faster. The change, the impact of which describes as "enormous" means third party developers will find Qt much more permissive, specially when dealing with proprietary software.

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Nokia Research Center is not a Willy Wonka phone factory

NRC GLOBAL - Nokia Research Center may conjure up visions of a kooky sprawling Willy Wonka lab for phones tucked away in an address-less wilderness, but the reality is in some ways far more engaging. Far from fantasy, with labs dotted across the globe in ten locations, including Beijing, Bangalore, Nairobi, Tampere, Helsinki, Lausanne, Cambridge UK, Cambridge USA, Hollywood and Palo Alto, the Nokia Research Center (NRC) is a huge operation that to many may feel intangible - partly because a number of the projects that are being researched are indeed secret, but mostly because the connection between NRC's research and real-life end products has appeared pretty disconnected.

But a more tangible connection between NRC and the real world may be beginning to emerge, helped simply by the very recent launch of its newly designed and more openly engaging website. Click through for the full lowdown.

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14 January 2009

N79 Active videos featuring romantic parkour

N79ActiveArmband GLOBAL - No sooner has word broken of the new Nokia N79 Active with Polar heart monitor pairing, and we've got hold of some smart videos of the new device in action. There's a smart short featuring some parkour action, as well as a bunch of tutorials on how the N79 Active with the bundled Bluetooth heart rate belt.

Click through to see the new N79 Active out in the wild and put through its paces.

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Nokia N79 Active bears Polar heart monitoring skills

N79Active ESPOO, Finland - The new Nokia N79 Active has jogged into view with a kit bag stuffed full of sports related talents. This healthy twist on Nokia's smallest Nseries sees the N79 Active launch paired with a Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt. This smart piece of heart monitoring kit and the N79 Active will also take full advantage of a new version of Nokia Sports Tracker that will be released simultaneously when the new device begins shipping shortly.

Continue reading for more info on the new N79 Active and what you can expect from the upcoming version of Sports Tracker.

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13 January 2009

New era of Nokia Beta Labs begins

New Nokia Beta Labs

GLOBAL - This month will see Nokia Beta Labs grow into an even more engaging and collaborative R&D beast with the switch over to its redesigned, restructured and refocussed beta website.

When we spoke to Nokia Beta Labs chief Tommi Vilkamo back in August 2008, he gave us an insight into the plans for this new site, and by the looks of the beta version those plans are beginning to manifest into reality.

Read on for more details on what the new version of Beta Labs has to offer.

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Nokia Locate Sensor sparks widespread reaction and ideas


LAS VEGAS, USA - Wow, what a response the Nokia Locate Sensor has received since news broke of its appearance as CES 2009 late last week. It's so encouraging to see such positive widespread online reactions and comments to this innovative prototype that has been developed by the Nokia Research Center, with most commenters hoping for Locate Sensor to become an official product.

Click through to read a brief round-up of reaction from across the web to Nokia's never-lose-it gadget.

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12 January 2009

Nokia Locate Sensor debuts at CES

NokiaLocateSensor LAS VEGAS, USA - Nokia Research kept this one quiet - Nokia Locate Sensor can help you find lost keys, phones, bags, purses or anything you're likely to need right before you rush out the door. Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, it's currently a project kicking around the labs at the Nokia Research Centre, but it's an interesting one.

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"N97 - Basically a pocket-sized laptop"

OPK LONDON, England - That was OPK's description of the N97 when he was interviewed by the TimesOnline's Lilly Peel, which was published today. The interview appeared in the Business section's Movers & Shakers column, with the punchy title "Far from Silicon Valley comes challenge to Google and Microsoft". It's a nice piece, focussing a lot on Nokia's move to being more like an Internet business. But it does reveal a few titbits about OPK which were news to me, and perhaps, news to you.

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